Varroa mite/Drone trapping pictures

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A face only a mother could love... The female varroa mite... AAAAARGH

Not just another pretty face (trust me)... The male varroa mite... His mouth is only used to transfer sperm, not to eat! Lets see, that makes him "The male Brokeback Mountain varroa mite..."

The drone trap.

You can tell when she's been here. Look for the white glob, which is mite poop, on the upper cell wall.

Mite poop magnified.

Parts and pieces of the varroa mite.

Feeder mouth.


Suction cup feet. This lady needs her legs shaved.

Do you have a fast internet connection and a little time...Have look at these short videos... Nothing special here but these little ladies move faster than you'd think!

Varroa video 1

Varroa video 2

Varroa video 3

Immature Varroa video 4

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